Chiron: the Key to Healing in an Age of Transition

Jessica Davidson

The world seems to be going through an existential crisis at the moment. The old order is collapsing and ghosts from the past are coming out of the cracks. It’s a shadow eruption of wounds that have been festering for centuries. But we can’t react like ghost busters and stuff them back into the unconscious and hope they go away or get bored. We need to heal.

The old order is collapsing because the myths of the Age of Pisces are unravelling under their own inherent contradictions. But the new myths of the Aquarian Age are still taking shape. We’re in transition between ages – neither one thing or another – and it’s making us crazy. But we can’t move forward until we’ve dealt with the consequences of the past.

The old materialist worldview has caused a lot of damage. Our consciousness is split, like the two fishes…

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