Deepest Mirror

landscapeSwelling inner landscapes painted in the vistas of this dream. So clear and lucid. Effervescent, delicate and fluid. Feeling every texture, every sound, every color, every contrast of shadow and light mirroring the play of opposites within. In those eyes the reflection of these watery depths and the touch of a friendly embrace. Tasting the flavor of the distance I create when I know too well every beginning contains its own end. The intensity of the war between holding on and letting go. The freedom of choosing both. Holding this presence as I watch every movement unfold. Offering every moment to the silent one experiencing all.

God, why would I deny you the experience of these tears? Of this sensual heat. The vibration of all melody. The textures of this internal ebb and flow.

Why would I close your eyes in the wake of this luminous golden sunset dancing with the saturated depth of blues and oranges painted in the skies?

Why would I leave your hands untouched by the soft skin of your lover’s face?

How can I reject the gaze of those eyes mirroring the beauty of your ocean? How can I deny you the fullness and poignancy of your own creation?

Your presence bathes consciousness and through this lucid “I” you recognize yourself, deeply intimate self-awareness.

God experiencing God. Becoming none, being All.

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