A Gift to Humanity

Within the center

Creation is always, now

Wheel keeps turning

At the center of every experience is a conscious- being. There is an observer, the one who experiences, and the experience.
Consciousness IS and experiences through a form. Moment by moment creating and dissolving an experience. Here we are, in this moment, in this space surrounded by the unknown, by the world, by tranquility, by chaos. Reality is a wheel endlessly turning. The cycle of birth, life, death and the great silence is perpetual. So long as we find ourselves within creation we are bound by the Universe.
The Wheel is the Universe, endlessly being created, experienced and dissolved.
Here is where we are, continuously walking the Wheel. This is our gift.
Eleven years ago, I sat in math class listening to a story being told by my teacher. A kind, gentle, patient man. He shared a story at the beginning of every class. I was a struggling student. Algebra was fascinating but I couldn’t remember the formulas during my weekly tests. My mind would go blank and everything I had practiced that week was nowhere to be found in my memory bank. On top of that, my math skills were elementary. I was still counting with my fingers and had to look at a multiplication chart to remember the 3’s, the 7’s, and 9’s.  I was failing the class. Knowing this, Mr. Wright would often offer me a Problem Pass. It was simple. He would allow me to use my strength as a writer to leverage my weakness in math. He knew there was nothing he could do for my poor math skills in the short amount of time we had together. I was grateful and would enthusiastically write a reflection on every story he told at the beginning. I recently found one of these reflections. I received three points for this one. I was allowed to use them on my test in case I answered incorrectly. Little did I know then that I was answering correctly.
No, not the problems on the math test.
I was answering myself. Eleven years into the future. I was answering humanity, in all time.
I am always within the Wheel. 
” I think the story is beautiful. I also definitely agree with you. We are all connected in some way or another. We are all part of something bigger. Humans tend to think that we are all alone in the world. That [we] are somehow separated from the rest of humanity. Most never stop and think that they are part of everything. Every single human being is somehow connected. This is why it is so important to be kind, compassionate and understanding towards each other. That is why it really affects me when people kill and hurt each other. They don’t realize that they are more connected than separated. Yes, we are all distinct. Yet, we are not separate. Furthermore, I truly believe that humans need each other.” 
Mr. Wright wrote in green ink at the bottom of the paper, ” Yes, they do not understand. I hope someday people like me and you can teach them.” 
My teacher may not have taught me much math that year, or perhaps some could say he was further enabling my weakness in math by offering me many problem passes.  What he shared with me was much more valuable.
I read my teenage handwriting days ago and recognized the knowing and the truth that somehow, even in the midst of the chaos of my world, I was carrying within.
It is within.
This is the center of the Wheel. This guidance, this knowing, this sweet divine pure Love, it trickles down. It is honey dew, nourishment for the Soul.  It is in the center that all is unified. And from within this space of higher Wisdom and Understanding, we come to remember what we have always known. We remember our true self. We perceive and commune. We come back to the center again and again as we walk the Wheel. And in a flash of awakening or perhaps slowly over time, we remember we are inseparable from the Wheel and from the center, the essence, the emanation of All.
Walking the Wheel, working consciously within it, communing with the center, going within and remembering oneself. This is the problem pass. And as we do this we are serving the evolution of all beings everywhere.
We unveil our wholeness as we heal and because there is no way to be truly separate from the Wheel, from humanity, wholeness is real. Conscious efforts are needed from the parts of this whole. This whole which we truly are.
The Medicine Wheel is a gift to humanity. It is the answer to the question of our times.  The only way to get the answer wrong is to fall for the illusion of division and all that it engenders.
“Yes, we are all distinct. Yet we are not separate.”
The Wheel is a gift and we are a gift to it. By walking it as warriors of the heart we awaken it, we feed it, we nurture it, we fulfill its destiny, we preserve it for future generations. That they may also one day walk the Wheel in wholeness.
May the results of these efforts be for the benefit of all beings everywhere.
Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin!
The Medicine Wheel was built and is preserved by
Xicoco Shamanic Arts in Riverside, CA.
We are currently raising funds to preserve it and to continue sharing it with the world.
Visit www.xicocoshamanicarts.com to find out more.
If you would like to contribute to the preservation of the Medicine Wheel please visit www.gofundme.com/preserve-the-wheel

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