Where is truth found when it feels lost?
Where can it be found when it has been imprisoned by society, culture, religious dogma and thousands of years of oppression and ignorance?

Where can truth be found when millions of voices have something to say?
Where can truth be found in a world that seems so solid and yet so unstable?
Where to look for truth if no answer satiates the search?
I close my eyes and pull back from the world that jumps all too quickly to offer truths that crumble and dissolve at the hands of death and chaos.
I find within yet another world. An entire universe that at first glance mirrors the ever-present movements of the world outside. All the noise, all the confusion somehow has found it’s way inside.
At the edges of my awareness I sense a sound, a vibration that silently rumbles between each movement. Subtle, hardly seen or heard I follow it like a child into the unknown through the hidden path. Somewhere between and beyond the world outside and the one I’ve formed inside.
I walk with an inner sense, this innocence. A journey of seeking truth along this inner path.
Truth must be found here, somewhere, following  that silent vibration leading me deep within.

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