The Body of God

Here I am.
Breathing in your presence.
I am pulled deeper in, in rhythm with every out breath.
The residues of every other space fade slowly as every particle in this body responds to the silent melody of this undoing.
Here I am.
Hearing your whispers as the vibrating pulsating cool heat throughout this membrane responds with pure adoration.
For in this posture of prayer I am only a desirous loving impulse to lay bare this mind and heart and offer…
Every limb.
Every cell.
Every tiny inconceivable movement.
Every stirring of awareness.
Every touch of recognition.
Every confirmation of existence.
Every wrinkle of knowing.
Every stretch of imagination.
Every sigh and moan.
Every tingling of the senses.
Every organ.
Every drop of ocean rushing through these inner streams.
Every arousal.
Every embrace.
Every longing.
Every passion stretching me at the seams, silent and pure, taking you in.
A breath renewing extends through every particle.
“We’ve been waiting for you”, the multiplicity of beings within communicate through the reverberations that ripple beyond an expectation into the vistas of communion and knowing.
A simultaneous movement. The whisper of this loving grace. The boundaries of this form loosening.
The tangled experiences unravel. The veils of perception shimmer with the presence of this dark brilliance.
I’ve been praying for you.
Dancing with this silent beckoning I see you, my beloved. Embracing me from within the shadows. Penetrating me gently.
I am your offering. I am your gift. I love you.
Your silence opens me further.
“Come to me. Come to me” The vibration of this ecstatic union is mutual. You’ve been waiting too for my longing to be turned inward. For my longing to bring me to you.
I open deeper, deeper, deeper. Every cycle of breath bringing you in. Your force seeping in.
I know in your embrace  that death is my pleasure, my joy. For it holds the possibility of complete fulfillment.
Death is union through the pain and pleasure of giving it all. All to you. A willing sensual sacrifice. Yes. I exist for you.
And through our lovemaking I know.
In every instantiation of being this body is your vessel. You exist in this way, when in silence and adoration I come to you.
I give it ALL. I dissolve into the vastness that is my truth. We become ONE. We become.
This body holds the presence of this union. Merged in ecstasy.
THIS is God surging through this flesh. Awakening. God comes to life in this vessel perfectly pure and vast. Between the infinite and the temporal this presence basks in the beauty of a body that for a moment BECOMES.
Human being, the measure of all things.
The Body of God in earthly paradise. Infinite presence reflected in every caress of awareness.
Here is the temple and the Glory.
Here it is.
Here within.

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