What can I say to a God ready to be born?
What would I utter to that silence unmanifested?
You fool, none and all. Ready to begin the journey of creation. What can I say to you?
You are immeasurable, ancient and ever-new.
What messages from this world would I whisper to you?
There is nothing to be known where you are.
In your movement, in your presence, you’ll hold the secrets if you ever wish to return.
Cosmic vagabond, always going. What can I say to you?
From the Great Mystery you emerge into the arms of the human race.
It is the miracle of life and the union with the flesh.
You’ll be reborn again and again as the Phoenix who rises from the ashes of the old.
Eternal and self-renewing.
This life is for you to transform.
I offer then a simple prayer as you prepare to join us here in this kingdom called Earth.
May you burn bright and renew every moment of this life
in the fires of your eternal flame. Phoenix

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